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3 ways to get fit


It doesn’t matter if you’re a youth athlete, weekend warrior, CEO or grandmother, I have what it takes to help you maximize your life and performance! With hour long training sessions, I will help you maximize the entire spectrum of fitness with routines that are precisely customized for you, allowing you to live life to the fullest.


Don’t let location or Covid prevent you from achieving the results you deserve. With virtual, hour long, training sessions I will bring results to you! No equipment is necessary. I will carefully curate your training around what is at your disposal, allowing for you to achieve the body and performance you desire!


Don’t think you need the individualized attention of one-on-one training or maybe you would prefer to train with a friend or family member? Semi-private training is just the fit for you. Semi-private training sessions require a minimum of two people and are capped at 3 people, max. With each program catered specifically for you, semi-private training is a fun, effective and cost friendly option.

What clients are saying

About Coopfit

Textbooks and research are a critical part of acquiring knowledge, however, there remain lessons that can’t be found in a book and must be obtained through practical application, tinkering and trial and error. This practical acquisition of knowledge takes time to accumulate. 20 plus years of training experience has afforded me the opportunity to make mistakes, learn from these mistakes and identify what works while discarding that which is useless. Check out my google reviews to see what people are saying.